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Nitrome and Quite Fresh Announce the Explosive ‘Ultimate Briefcase’

Nitrome are well-known for their pixel art games, and they’re sticking with what got them here, but they’re now mixing things up a bit. By that I mean that they’re branching out into publishing other developers’ games. Their first published title is going to be Ultimate Briefcase. Developed by Quite Fresh, with a former Nitrome staffer in tow, this won’t branch too far out of Nitrome’s wheelhouse, what with there being plenty of high-quality pixel art. Just check out this gorgeous GIF:

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Okay, that just looks kind of dangerous. You’ll be dodging all sorts of falling bombs and explosions, trying to stay alive for as long as possible. Coins you earn will go toward powerups, upgrades, characters, and even new areas in which to dodge bombs. Nitrome’s hoping to publish more titles in the future, trying to work with developers early on in the game development process to make sure that their games are a good fit for their brand and that they’re fun. And don’t worry, Nitrome’s still developing stuff in-house, including the mysterious Beneath the Lighthouse.