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Nitrome Teases Mysterious New Game, ‘Beneath the Lighthouse’

Nitrome’s been on a game-releasing roll lately, with their interesting take on the auto-runner Vault (Free) seeing release recently. But while they’re making a lot of games with whimsy and arcade flavor, they seem interested in branching out a bit. That’s at least what the trailer for Beneath the Lighthouse seems to indicate, a more atmospheric experience from Nitrome, perhaps? The teaser isn’t saying much, but it’s more than enough to have me intrigued:

I’m on board with whatever they’re doing, and really interested to see just what this game will be. It promises to be full of their famed pixel art style, though, with maybe a bit of Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99) in there? I have no clue what to expect, and Nitrome is keeping their mouths shut about the game for now. Hopefully we hear some details soon enough…