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‘Dead Effect 2’ Coming Mid-September, Katana-And-Guns Trailer Released

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Badfly Interactive has just announced that its first-person space-zombie shooter, Dead Effect 2, is coming the second week of September. The new trailer comes on the heels of the teaser released last monthDead Effect 2 is the sequel to the generally well-regarded Dead Effect (Free), which was downloaded more than 8 million times and got a pretty good review from us when it came out. Dead Effect 2 once again drops you, a living weapon, in the tight corridors of the ESS Meridian, with the story continuing from where the last game’s story left off (it’s good when sequels strive for at least some kind of continuity). In addition to the danger of lurking zombies, you’ll have to deal with an even bigger threat to your mind and will (lack of wi-fi on the spaceship, probably).

The game offers three characters to choose from (although I don’t know whether that choice has any gameplay consequences), boss fights, upgradeable weapons, implants that enhance your abilities, and more. The trailer looks good, with impressive graphics (especially the water and laser effects), plenty of gore (of course), and some katana-chopping (for those who dream of becoming chefs). Dead Effect 2 looks like it will entertain those who enjoy first-person shooters on iOS, although it’s a shame that no multiplayer mode seems to be in the works.


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