‘Duet’ Gets New “Endless Encore” and “Speed Run” Modes in Latest Update

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Kumobius loves doing post-release updates of their game. It’s a fever, and the only prescription is more game updates! While their latest game Bean Dreams ($2.99) has gotten a couple of solid content drops this year, and will soon be available in a bundle with its prequel, Bean’s Quest ($2.99), they haven’t forgotten about perhaps their biggest hit, Duet ($2.99). After update 3.0 which introduced the first paid DLC to the game, Duet 3.1 brings new free content to the game in the “Endless Encore" mode and “Speed Run" mode.

Endless Encore is a new endless mode that has some features from the Encore DLC to play. This is available for all users for free, so it gets you free content and a taste of what you can get if you buy the Encore DLC. As well, Speed Run mode has been added, which lets you try to complete any story mode as quickly as possible, while the levels continually speed up, with a death causing you to slow down. Good luck with that! A nifty little feature has been added with screenshot sharing, where the game will automatically take some screenshots of big moments and offer to let you share them, so that you don’t have to take screenshots yourself. Sounds neat! The update is out now, and the game’s on sale for $0.99 if you still haven’t picked this one up yet.

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