‘Duet’ Gets First Paid DLC with “Encore Chapters” Update, Available Now

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Kumobius isn’t ending any kind of support for their hit game, Duet ($2.99), any time soon. They’ve just launched version 3.0 of Duet that includes the first paid DLC pack for the game, in the Encore Chapters. For $0.99, there are 30 levels with new challenges, new music, and additional narration added to the game in these packs. New challenges on the way include attack waves that come from both directions, and boomerang blocks, shaped like the famed Australian weapon from Kumobius’ country of origin. Oy!

This is the first paid DLC pack for the game after many free updates, and this is really designed for people who already have conquered everything Duet has thrown at them, according to Kumobius. As such, hopefully not too many people complain about the DLC cost for this, especially since, you know, it’s only $0.99. There are future updates planned for this game. And if you’re waiting for new Bean Dreams ($2.99) levels, don’t worry – Kumobius says we’ll be hearing more about that game soon enough.

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