3D Audio Game ‘Audio Defence: Zombie Arena’ Gets An Update And A Price Drop

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A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about blind gamers and the accessibility features of iOS. It was an incredibly educational experience for me, and it was a privilege to hear from so many gamers and developers about the topic. As part of that article, I had taken a poll of which games were most popular in the community at AppleVis, and the list showed more variety than I had expected. There were card games, role-playing games, simulation games, and most curiously, an action-packed defense game where you have to fend off zombies with only your ears to guide you. Titled Audio Defence: Zombie Arena ($1.99), it comes from the good folks at Somethin’ Else, who previously released the popular Papa Sangre ($4.99) games.

You play as the Blind Warrior, trapped in an arena by a lunatic named Dr. Bastard. Each level features some interesting voice acting and a set number of zombies you need to locate and take down. The game features a variety of control methods, but it’s most fun if you use the gyro controls, in my opinion. As you play, you’ll unlock new weapons that you can use to take down your increasingly challenging opponents. The game has the same slick 3D audio presentation found in the developer’s other games, and it’s quite fun to play.

Today, a new update for the game dropped that adds an additional 10 challenges in a new arena, the Mayan Ruins. Naturally, these levels are the most difficult ones yet, and Dr. Bastard is in rare form. To celebrate the update, Somethin’ Else has dropped the price on the game for the first time. Normally selling for $4.99, you can now pick up Audio Defence for just $1.99. If you enjoyed the Papa Sangre games and don’t mind something a little less scary and a little more campy, you’ll probably get a real kick out of this one.

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