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‘You Must Build a Boat’ Gets a Price and Release Date

Luca Redwood has been hard at work on 1000000 ($2.99) follow-up You Must Build a Boat, which we recently previewed. But if you’ve been curious as to when you will be forced to build a boat yourself, I have good news: You Must Build a Boat on June 4th. This match-3 RPG will be available on Steam and mobile on that day. Check out the latest trailer, complete with jazzy soundtrack:

You’ll be, well, building a boat. But you’ll be exploring dungeons to get resources to build up your boat, and hire crew members in order to make your boat and your army bigger and better. After all, dungeon exploration is easier when you’ve got monsters on your side fighting other monsters. 10000000 remains one of the best match-3 RPG games out there, and seeing the formula being expanded upon like this? I’m excited. Expect You Must Build a Boat to launch on June 4th, and will cost “3-5 US Dollars," likely depending on platform.