The Week of Cinco de Mayo Includes Some Great Game Sales

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With Cinco de Mayo come great sales, as the famous saying goes (I think), so here’s your chance to improve your game library for cheap. The sales range from sports games, to deck-building games of all flavors, to shooters, so there’s plenty to choose from. With no further delays, let’s get down to the business of buying cheap games.

Card Wars – Adventure Time Card Game  ($3.99) The entertaining – and, admittedly, endearingly weird – game inspired by the Adventure Time episode ‘Card Wars," is currently on sale. If you enjoy card games but you’re tired of vanilla fantasy characters, you’ll have fun with how this game subverts the fantasy theme.

Infinity Blade III ($6.99) The third entry to one of the most popular franchises on iOS, and one of the prettiest too, is currently on sale. The game hasn’t been on sale since last December, so who knows when it will drop in price again. If causing multiple deaths-by-swiping is your thing, go get the game now.

Call of Duty: Strike Team($6.99) The latest iOS addition to the COD franchise is also on sale, and even though this game goes on sale almost every month, the drop in price is still quite steep. This version of Call of Duty offers both first-person shooter gameplay and third-person tactical gameplay, which is a nice change from what you usually get from the franchise.

NBA 2015K ($7.99) The latest entry in one of the oldest franchises in gaming just dropped to almost a third of the original price. Truth be told, the game isn’t a shining example of how great iOS sports games can be. Still, even though the game suffers from some technical issues, its Career Mode is robust and entertaining.

CounterSpy ($4.99) CounterSpy came out on iOS with little fanfare last September, and it has just dropped in price for the first time. The game is a platformer with procedurally generated levels that has great visuals and an interesting Cold-War setting. Despite its good looks and charm, the game has some control and design issues that mar what would have otherwise been a great game. Still, at this price it’s worth giving it a go.

Moving on to some Playdek sales, Agricola ($4.99), the iOS port of the beloved board game, and one of the best farming simulators ever, is on sale for $2.99, down from $6.99, and its two expansion decks, I and K, are on sale too for $0.99 each. Also, Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers Vs. Evil ($2.99), the deck-building game with characters from the popular web comic, is on sale for $0.99. Finally, Nightfall ($2.99), the deck-building game crawling with ghouls, vampires, and werewolves, and its expansion, Martial Law, are both down to $0.99. Although more complicated than it should be, the game is fun mostly due to its gothic theme that offers a refreshing thematic change.

Last, but definitely not least, Final Fantasy VI (FF VI) ($14.99) is half-priced at the moment. FF VI is considered by many the pinnacle of 90s RPGs. However, when Square Enix decided to release the game onto iOS, it made some questionable decisions such as “upgrading" the art style by making the character sprites look like something out of a cheap iOS game. Similarly, the on-screen controls leave a lot to be desired. At the same time, though, Square Enix made some smart improvements that bring the game more in-line with contemporary RPGs (quick-saves and in-game help system). Despite its issues though, FF VI is a must-have for RPG lovers, especially at this price.

Well, that’s all folks. I’m sure there’ll be other sales popping up today so keep an eye on TouchArcade for more ways to save money while still picking up some solid iOS games.

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