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Robot 5 Studios Announces ‘Football Twos’ and Two Other Apple Watch Games

We’re starting to see more unveilings of Apple Watch games ahead of its April 24th launch. Robot 5 Studios has announced that the have a trio of titles on the way: Football Twos, Blackjack Mini, and Berry Quest. Football Twos promises to be a football game where you play both offense and defense. Of course, you’ll be doing so in short spurts and using simple tap controls.

Blackjack Mini is a blackjack game for the Apple Watch. These are the early days for a new platform, the platform is going to need basic games like this. Expect to see plenty more ‘simple’ games like this:

And finally, Berry Quest looks like a casual puzzle game:

We should be hearing a lot more about games rolling out for the Apple Watch this week. We know of a few games announced last month with Apple Watch support, and Rules ($2.99) was the first game on the App Store to officially support the Watch. Everywear Games announced RuneBlade as a Watch exclusive on Friday. The Watch is such an unknown at this point, that this will be a fascinating space to see how it pans out, and just what gets made for this device.