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Everywear Games Announces ‘Runeblade’ RPG for Apple Watch, Releasing Later This Month

With Apple Watch preorders in full swing now, expect to hear about a lot of new apps and games that are making their way to the watch. While many games will be adaptations of existing ones, Everywear Games is announcing a brand-new title called Runeblade that will be debuting exclusively for the Apple Watch. Runeblade is an RPG meant to be played 5-15 seconds at a time, where you play as the High Priestess of the War Mages, fighting enemies from your wrist. Battling enemies will require you to use attacks that may take long periods of time to recharge, so you’ll have to come back over time to defeat enemies.

The intent of Runeblade is to be a game that you can play over months, just in those short several-seconds bursts. It will be available on the App Store later this month for free. Since smartwatch gaming is still such an unexplored space, it will be fascinating to see what games on the Apple Watch (and consequently other smartwatches) get made. And Everywear Games is a studio exclusively making smartwatch games, so I’m curious to see just what comes next. Will smartwatch games be the next mobile gaming, or merely a niche curiosity? Who knows! It’s a fascinating time!