‘Hearthstone’s iPhone Update Won’t Hit Today… But It Is Coming VERY Soon.

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If you’ve been following the excitement following the data mining speculation and historical precedence of the time window between similar strings found for the Android client and its eventual availability. Anyway, Blizzard folks participating in various community discussions on Reddit and similar have said today is not the day.

The good news is, it’s coming very soon. How soon? We’re not allowed to say just yet as we enjoy being on Blizzard’s good side quite a bit. (And hey, who knows, Blizzard could always surprise us.) Speculating a bit on the delay, releasing a big game on the App Store is a bit trickier than releasing one on Google Play. You’ve got to play around the Apple featuring process, and we’ve already got some massive releases this week like Mortal Kombat X (Free). Blizzard might be waiting for the proverbial runway to clear before taking off. Who knows.


So, if you planned on spending today refreshing TouchArcade, you can go outside and do some yard work or something else instead. Maybe some chores around the house. Alternatively, if you’re jailbroken and have some spare time on your hands, you can get the iPad version running on your iPhone with some minor modifications, just keep in mind none of that is officially supported on any level.

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