‘Hearthstone’ for Android Tablets Now Available Worldwide

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Did you hear about the Hearthstone (Free) news yesterday about the game soft launching on Android tablets in several countries? Did you despair that you were not in one of those countries and that you couldn’t download the game right away? Well, Blizzard’s Android soft launch was apparently very soft, as now everyone worldwide can download Hearthstone on their 6" and above Android devices on Google Play. Quite likely, if you’re in one of the countries without the game, you’ll be playing it soon enough if this turnaround time is any indication. The game does feature all of the content of the desktop and iPad versions, and lets you play with your existing account to keep all your cards and decks and play against others.

The game runs on 6" and up devices – if you have a stupidly-large phone, it’ll run on that. The game is planned for Android phones (and iPhones, for that matter) later on, but thanks to Android’s openness, you can get it on there now. This Reddit thread has instructions, and download links if you’re not in a country with the game. Have fun!

Update: The game’s out on the Amazon Appstore if that’s more your speed or if you have a Fire tablet.

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