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‘Marvel Mighty Heroes’ is Yet Another Soft-Launched Action-RPG with a Ton of Marvel Superheroes

Marvel Mighty Heroes, an action-RPG featuring Marvel characters has just soft-launched in Canada, and you may be asking yourself “Wait, didn’t a Marvel action-RPG soft launch just last week?" Well, you’re right, but that’s Marvel Future Fight from NetMarble, this is Marvel Mighty Heroes by DeNA. To be fair, Mighty Heroes was announced first, but the impressions so far seem to say that this is Marvel Future Fight but more for kids, and with online multiplayer. Even so, it’s kind of funny with all the “cloning" talk that goes around to see two Marvel games basically go and make the same thing. I call it…Cloneincidence!

My hope is that there’s other developers that are also making Marvel action-RPGs in time for the new Avengers movie. I want GREE, King, Supercell, NimbleBit, Zynga, uCool, Lilith Games, NetEase, Halfbot, Vlambeer, Rocketcat Games, Kiloo, Telltale, Noodlecake, Scott Cawthon, Machine Zone, EA, Blizzard, Big Fish Games, Kabam, Dong Nguyen, and my new favorite developer, Noef Fing Name, all making their own officially-licensed Marvel action-RPGs that release in time for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Do it. Let’s make this happen. All games are Marvel action-RPGs now.