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DeNA is Making ‘Marvel Mighty Heroes’, an Online Multiplayer Brawler

DeNA has just announced Marvel Mighty Heroes, an upcoming game that on paper has a rather cool premise. It’s a game promising 4-player real-time brawling as players fight against enemies with their friends or in competitive multiplayer, building up a team of Marvel heroes to use. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything in the way of actual gameplay, but here’s a trailer that shows off some of the heroes, and shows that you’ll be fighting off a bunch of enemies at once, possibly?

The lack of any gameplay footage has me curious as to just how this is going to turn out, but, again, the idea sounds interesting enough. And games where there’s real-time multiplayer are always welcome in a world of asynchronous PvP. A whole host of Marvel heroes are going to be in the game, and you can vote on the website for who you want as a special bonus hero at launch: Hulk or Rocket Raccoon. It speaks to how well Marvel has pushed their lineup of C-listers that Rocket Raccoon is currently beating the Hulk, or that it’s even a contest. No concrete launch date has been set yet, other than “soon."