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Point-and-Click Adventure ‘Forever Lost: Episode 3’ is Coming This Spring

We were huge fans of both Forever Lost: Episode 1 ($2.99) and Forever Lost: Episode 2 ($4.99), as they were enjoyable point-and-click adventure games. The series has laid dormant for a bit, but we have good news, as Forever Lost: Episode 3 is in the works right now. Glitch Games will be concluding the series with this third episode in the trilogy, and they’ve released a trailer that teases some of what to expect from this final episode:

There should be more mystery-solving point-and-click action with a supernatural bent to enjoy here, with even better visuals than before. The game’s still in development, and isn’t quite near release yet, but Glitch Games is promising this one sometime this spring, so if you’re a fan of the previous games or of the genre as a whole, keep an eye out for this, and read our Episode 1 and 2 review if you haven’t played the previous episodes.