‘Into the Dead’ Violent Preview Approved, Did Apple Change its Policies?

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Has something changed on Apple’s end regarding the silly “no weapons allowed in screenshots or previews" thing that was going around a while back. PikPok’s Mario Wynands emailed us to say that “we were prompted to resubmit our violent preview for Into the Dead (Free) that was previously rejected, and it was approved just fine. As far as App Previews go, it is pretty violent compared to pretty much everything else out there too." If Apple’s re-allowing these previews, and specifically asking developers to re-submit them, then it may be the sign of an official change in behind-the-scenes app aproval policy. Apple rarely comes out and says these things directly, so we have to read the tea leaves and hear from developers who go public with these situations.

This scenario caused some ridiculous rejections – Gunslugs 2 ($1.99) was one of the first games ensnared, Tempo ($1.99) had some blurred guns in its previews, with plenty of other examples that surely popped up. Considering that many games involve guns, and the outcry that such a policy was ham-handed, it’s not surprising to see Apple change it once the furor died down from it.

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