The App Store’s Down Right Now – And it Could Affect Tonight’s New Releases

Are you having trouble downloading anything from the App Store right now? It’s not just you – this is a widespread outage. Reports started spreading around among users this morning, and eventually our sister site MacRumors reported that this was a global issue, and that Apple only updated their system status page well after the outages had begun. As of noon central time today, the App Store is still down. This includes iTunes in general, iBooks, and the Mac App Store, so this is affecting a lot of services. Some users were getting error messages, but you may not get one right now if you try – you may just get a “GET" button that starts to download and then returns to say “GET" when you try.

The bad news is that this could affect tonight’s releases, if the App Store is still down by the time they come out, you may have to wait until tomorrow to actually get them. The good news is that there was an iCloud outage earlier that was sorted out, it seems, so hopefully the App Store outage will be sorted out soon enough. This is costing Apple big bucks, not to mention the developers who rely on sales from the App Store and have as much clue as to what’s going on as we do. This outage could be costing some of the big players literally millions because Apple can’t process purchases at all right now.