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Check Out Stylish Upcoming Orbital Runner ‘Astra’

Fabuloso Games has just announced an interesting hybrid of two genres we’ve seen a lot of on iOS: endless runners and those ‘spin-around-the-planet" games where you use angular momentum and orbital gravity in order to make it from planet to planet without falling into the inescapable void of space. Their game is called Astra, and it’s in the works right now for mobile. Check out the game in motion in this GIF, but be wary that it’s sped up from normal gameplay. While there are a couple of videos that show a smooth framerate, there’s no true gameplay video yet:

The game has you playing as Hemera, the Greek goddess of daylight. You’ll be dodging space junk and collecting orbs as you try to make it as far through space as possible. There’s a development blog with various ephemera from the game’s development that’s worth checking out. The developers are also looking for testers in the forum thread for the game, so if you want to get your hands on this one and provide feedback, now’s your chance. Also, the band’s name reminds me of prog-rock band Astra, which has nothing to do with the game, but is a band you should be listening to: