‘Hearthstone’ Soft Launches on Android in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

We know some of you out there don’t just use iOS for games, and use Android as well. And it’s quite possible that you’ve been waiting to play Hearthstone (Free) on your Android device of choice. Well, good news, as the game has soft-launched on Android today [in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand on Google Play. If you come from the land of iOS, where getting soft-launched games is a trivial endeavor for anyone, you may be disappointed to learn that getting Android soft launches is a bit harder. Basically, your device has to be in the country that the app is soft-launched in. Changing that either requires rooting your device and using a country-changing app like this though I can’t vouch for it actually working, or using this guide with VPN. It’s quite likely that someone will wind up uploading the APK of the game somewhere, so I’d just hold out for that, or just wait for the global launch.

Otherwise, if you do check out the game, it should be the same as iOS and desktop versions, as Blizzard has kept content the same across them. Unless you have payment methods in Australia, Canada, or New Zealand (or actually are in those countries), you will have to buy stuff from a regular-launched version of the game, but you can log in with your regular account and get battling right away on whatever Android device you’re playing this on. The game allegedly only supports 6" and up devices – I would say tablets, but there are Android phones that are over 6" big. And someone will probably find a way to get this playing on phones, just give the community a bit of time.