‘The Longest Journey Remastered’ Now Available Worldwide

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In late October, developer Funcom soft-launched a remastered iOS version of their critically-acclaimed 2000 PC adventure game The Longest Journey, but we weren’t really sure when it would be seeing a wider release. Today we have our answer: The Longest Journey Remastered ($4.99) is available worldwide right now!


Due to the state of adventure games at the turn of the millennium, The Longest Journey is one of those great games that a whole bunch of people missed out on the first time around, so this new iOS release is a great chance for people who love engrossing adventure games to finally experience this masterpiece. If you dig adventure games, check out The Longest Journey Remastered and let us know what you think of it in our forums.

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    One of the most beloved and critically acclaimed adventure games of all time is back, remastered and optimized for your …
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