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GDC 2014: ‘Bean’s Quest 2: Bean Dreams’ is Looking Better than Ever

One of the iOS platform’s greatest platformers is Bean’s Quest ($2.99), released way back in July of 2011 from developer Kumobius. In case you aren’t familiar, it’s a platformer about a perpetually bouncing bean and, along with goals like collecting all items in a level and searching out a hidden axolotl, the main goal was to complete each level using as few bounces as possible. While it launched as a very short experience, Bean’s Quest was continuously updated over the years with tons more content. The sequel, Bean’s Quest 2, won’t have that problem, as Kumobius is prepping tons of levels for the initial version along with plenty of new mechanics and little surprises to find. Check it out.

You may recall that we checked out Bean’s Quest 2 at last year’s GDC, and it was initially supposed to launch before the end of 2013. However, additional projects like Time Surfer ($0.99) and the recently resurgent Duet Game ($2.99) have kept them from working on it as much as they’d like. All this extra time looks to be worth it though, as Bean’s Quest 2 is looking much, much better than it was at GDC last year. Kumobius is hoping to release before the end of this year, barring any more interruptions, so keep an eye out for Bean’s Quest 2 as it’s on pace to surpass the original in every way.