‘Final Fantasy 5’ Updated with iCloud Save Syncing and MFi Controller Support

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Ahoy hoy retro RPG enthusiasts, here’s some very welcoming news: Square Enix has just updated their iOS port of Final Fantasy V ($14.99) with iCloud save syncing and MFi game controller support. As the update descriptions says, “Game data saved with iCloud can now be shared across devices! At home or away, on your iPhone or iPad, pick the play style that’s best for you." Neat! The update description also mentions now supporting the Logitech PowerShell Controller specifically, but as was the case with a similar update to Final Fantasy VI, the game does indeed work with a Steel Series Stratus and I’d imagine all the other MFi controllers as well.


Oh, and if your language of choice is Russian, Portuguese, or Thai, this update will be even more important for you as Final Fantasy V now supports those additional languages. If you’re curious about what Final Fantasy V is like on iOS, feel free to read our full review of the game for more information. If you already own the game, get on over to the App Store and smash that update button.

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