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‘Final Fantasy Record Keeper’ Mixes Classic Characters and Battles from the ‘Final Fantasy’ Series into a Single Mobile Game

Square Enix and DeNA have unveiled a new mobile Final Fantasy game for Japan called Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Siliconera reports. The game sees you playing as Deci, an apprentice under Dr. Mog in the history department. The “history" in question is previous Final Fantasy games, which are preserved in the form of different paintings on the wall. Dr. Mog uses magic to enable you to enter those paintings, reliving some of the most famous battles from previous Final Fantasy games and even unlocking characters from those games which you can then add to your own party to take into later battles.

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It sounds like a Final Fantasy fan’s dream come true, but then again you could have said the same thing about Final Fantasy All the Bravest and that one didn’t turn out so hot. Based on the few details available for Final Fantasy Record Keeper, it at least sounds like it will be a meatier experience than the facerolling strategy in All the Bravest. Mixing and matching characters from the various Final Fantasy games and taking them into classic battles sounds incredibly awesome. Right now Final Fantasy Record Keeper is on track for a summer release in Japan, and if we get word it’s heading stateside or any further details are revealed, we’ll let you know.