‘The Walking Dead: Season Two’ Episode 2 – “A House Divided” Hits Potentially Next Week

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If you love The Walking Dead, here’s some news that’ll make your day: The second episode of the second season is hitting next week. It’ll be available on the US PlayStation network and Steam on March 4th, and while Telltale has yet to confirm specifically when the new episode will hit other platforms (like Xbox Live and iOS) they have been making efforts to get all the platforms lined up the best we they can. It wouldn’t surprise me if we saw the second episode next week on the App Store, but of course, things can always get weird.

They’ve released a new trailer, which, like previous trailers, is probably something you should skip if you’re not currently caught up in the series- Particularly if you’re sensitive to possible spoilers:

The Walking Dead games are seriously fantastic. I highly, highly recommend picking them both up if you’ve never played them. The first episode of the first game is totally free, so, no harm in trying it out either.

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