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Here’s the First Screens from ‘Block Fortress War’

This past October, the hardest working team in iOS gaming Foursaken Media announced Block Fortress War, a spinoff of sorts to their excellent crafting-style tower defense game Block Fortress ($1.99). In Block Fortress War, you’ll choose one of four different races and create an army, overtaking key points on the map with the eventual goal of destroying your opponent’s base. Unlike the original Block Fortress, there won’t be any first-person action in this game, rather you’ll battle from an overhead view similar to a MOBA or RTS. Block Fortress War seems to be coming along nicely, and recently Foursaken posted the first in-game screens which you can see below.


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The last that Foursaken said on the matter of a release date, they were shooting for sometime in January. That was back in mid-December, so it’ll likely still be heading to the App Store this month or at the very least sometime very soon in February. If anything changes with that we’ll let you know, but you can find out more information posted from Foursaken as well as community reaction to Block Fortress War in the game’s forum thread.