‘Warhammer Quest’ Gets Another Batch of DLC in New “Undead Horde” Update

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WQ_TheUndeadHordeLate last week, Rodeo Games’ Warhammer Quest ($2.99) received a new batch of paid DLC, and like its previous expansion released in early October, it adds a good amount of new content for those looking to get more out of this already fantastic strategic dungeon crawler.

There are two new enemy packs, one featuring Zombies and Vampires and the other featuring Necromancers and Skeletons. All the new enemies come with new types of abilities, meaning you’ll have to use different strategies to defeat them. For example, the Necromancers can raise the undead and Zombies can overwhelm you with their numbers.


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This update also includes a brand new hero, the Witch Hunter. His weapons of choice are a pistol, a saber, and a “plentiful stack of stakes to drive through undead hearts." Nice. Finally, the new Undead Castle tile set allows you to change up the look of the game. The two new packs of enemies, the new hero and the new tile set all weigh in at $2.99 apiece.

If you haven’t already gotten in on the Warhammer Quest goodness previously, be sure to check out our original review from May as well as our strategy guide with tips on how to be the best dungeon slayer you can be. And as always, even more helpful information and discussion can be found in our forums.

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