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‘Breach & Clear’ Launching This Week, New Trailer Released

We’ve had our eyes on the upcoming turn-based strategy game Breach & Clear for quite some time now. In a nutshell, it’s a squad-centric military tactics game where you control a group of elite soldiers and, well, both breach and clear various locales to root out bad guys. A new launch trailer shows off some more of the game that we haven’t already seen:

The truly interesting thing about Breach & Clear is it’s one of the few (or maybe the only?) big-name game that I’ve heard of recently where they dramatically changed course and decided to make it a paid premium title instead of free to play. I’m extremely curious how this is going to work out, as it’s usually both obvious and very clunky when developers decide to change their game to free to play at the last minute. It’ll be curious to see how it works the other way around.

Anyway, Breach & Clear is being released on the 18th for $1.99. If things work how they normally do, this means we’ll have the game on our greasy-screened iPhones and iPads at 11:00 PM Eastern this Wednesday.