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‘League of Evil 3’ Launching this Week, New Trailer Hits and ‘Random Heroes 2’ and ‘League of Evil 2’ Go Free to Celebrate

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loe3logoBack in May, Ravenous Games announced the highly-anticipated sequel to last year’s speedrun-centric platformer League of Evil 2 ($2.99), titled, unsurprisingly, League of Evil 3. As a sequential release in the series, League of Evil 3 promises more of what fans have dug about the games over the years, including bite-sized levels, fantastic controls, and great art and sound. Of course there’s new stuff on the docket as well, like new enemies, new environmental hazards, new costumes, a video replay system, and more. Check out the first glimpse of League of Evil 3 in the trailer below.

I’m a huge fan of the League of Evil series, which includes both the pixel-y look of the original and the smoother, cleaner look of the second and third entries. If you’re a fan too then it won’t be long now until we have League of Evil 3 in our sweet, sweet hands ready to hand our asses to us, as it’s set to launch this Wednesday night.

I can’t wait, so be sure to add it to your TouchArcade (Free) app to get an alert when it hits the App Store and check out the forums for some discussion until then. And as a bonus, if you need some brushing up on your platforming before then, grab Random Heroes 2 and League of Evil 2 which are both currently free to celebrate the impending launch of League of Evil 3.

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