The TouchArcade Show – 106 – Ye Olde Republic

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Podcast-Illustration-0121This week on The TouchArcade Show we’ve got two special guests: Marianne Schultz joins us to talk about why she wouldn’t be a good cast for Shredder and a mysterious super-virus joins Eli producing the most wicked cold ever. Also, we discuss video games and stuff. At the top, we dive into the “leaks" and other silliness surrounding the release of Knights of the Old Republic for iPad. Later, we dig into the “life-changing" surprise buried in Curiosity and how it ended up being a cross-marketing kind of thing. Also, we talk about some new video games: Defense Technica, Solstice Arena, and World War Z all see time.

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As always, thanks for listening and we’ll be with you next week for another episode of The TouchArcade Show. Here are your show notes:

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic($9.99) [TA Plays]
Incredible Jack($0.99)
World War Z(Free)
Solstice Arena – [TA Plays]
Defense Technica – Coming next week!


‘KOTOR’ On iPad Is Definitely Happening
‘Curiosity’ Winner Is Revealed, Prize Is Hilarious

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