The TouchArcade Show – 48 – Super Mario 2 Spoiler Alert

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Near the end of one of the “slowest" weeks we’ve had in recent memory, we casted a pod for mass earhole consumption. If you’re not a fan of our off-topic weeks you might want to avoid this one. But, do note you’ll be missing out on a lot of fun discussion: at the top, we dive into the recently released Xbox Live Arcade indie title Fez and ponder what an iPad port would look like, spit a little bit of game about next-generation consoles, and orally review hot new games like Burger Cat. In our second segment, we discuss anything and everything, but eventually get to your user questions.

It was a weird week, so we’ve got a weird show for you. If you’d like to listen, please do so via those handy-dandy links below. Additionally, you could subscribe to us on Zune or iTunes to get our latest episodes the second they hit the Internet.


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Here are your show notes:


  • Trees of Life [$.99]
  • MacGuffin’s Curse [$1.99 / Lite]
  • Wawa Land [$.99]


  • Burger Cat [$.99]


This week’s episode was sponsored by Cutlass Cove.

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