‘Minecraft – Pocket Edition’ Update Adds Clouds, Armor, And A Bunch Of Other Stuff

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Heads up: that Minecraft – Pocket Edition ($6.99) update we’ve been talking about is now out and available for download. And considering how much this thing adds to the experience, fans should probably spend the next few minutes mashing the update button on their devices.

If you haven’t been in the loop, Version 0.6.0 sees the addition of several new kinds of blocks, including Nether Brick and Smooth Stone. It also adds armor, signs, clouds, sand and gravel gravity, and baby animals. We’re using “new" a little loosely here, as all of this stuff has been present in Minecraft proper for a while.

As for tweaks, this update has a notable one: an “improved" d-pad. We’ve spent a few minutes with this, and are pretty stoked. Movement feels tighter and much more predictable now. That’s cool.

We’ll have more on Pocket Edition really soon for those of you out there that can’t bust through the learning curve. For the rest of you, hey, why are you still reading this and not downloading the update?

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