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‘Tactical Soldier’ Developer Releasing Follow-up Title ‘Frontline Tactics’ Soon

In March of last year developer Full Control released a fantastic turn-based strategy game called Tactical Soldier – Undead Rising ($4.99). In it you led a cast of characters through highly atmospheric environments as they attempted to put the kibosh on a zombie infestation. Standard fare premise-wise, but it was the highly tactical choices you had to make in order to be successful in Undead Rising that elevated it above your average zombie game. It was difficult to be sure, and had its fair share of quirks, but it was oh so satisfying learning its methods and working your way through the game.

A couple of months back, the developers announced a follow-up to Tactical Soldier that would aim to take the same basic turn-based combat of the first came, drop it into a modern military setting, and expand and improve the mechanics in big ways. The result is Frontline Tactics, and it’s coming to iOS soon. You can get an idea of what it’s all about in the new trailer.

The two biggest improvements I’m looking forward to in Frontline Tactics over its predecessor are fleshed-out squad customization, with new weapon and skill trees to tailor your characters to your own particular style, and multiplayer options. In addition to the single-player campaign there will also be online multiplayer in both cometitive and cooperative flavors. The thought of teaming up with some buddies online to deal with the various combat scenarios sounds truly awesome.

It sounds like Frontline Tactics is nearly finished, so we’ll definitely let you know when we hear a solid street date, and in the meantime check out the forums for discussion and posts from the developer.