‘Dynamite Jack’ Goes Universal, Plus Grab a Free Desktop Version for a Limited Time

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In late June developer Phil Hassey released the first real major follow-up to his 2008 smash hit Galcon ($1.99) after much anticipation. It’s called Dynamite Jack ($4.99), and unsurprisingly it ended up being another winner. It’s a top-down action game that has you trying to escape a mine level by level using bombs to blast away the environment or enemies and using stealth to avoid detection from the guards. Kind of a Metal Gear on the NES crossed with Bomberman set in a Legend of Zelda dungeon, if you will.

We thought Dynamite Jack was pretty darn good, but the initial release was for the iPad only. An iPhone version wasn’t ever really part of the overall plan for Dynamite Jack, but due to the demand for it he’s gone ahead and made it a reality. Everything that was in the iPad version, including the map editor, has made its way to the iPhone in a free Universal update to the original game.

Much of the interface has been reworked in the iPhone version, making it more appropriate for the smaller screen, but Hassey has done a great job of making things not feel too cramped, which would have been the case had the iPad version just been dumped into the iPhone. Also, just like the iPad version, Dynamite Jack works in any orientation, something that’s even more beneficial on the iPhone.

As a special bonus to celebrate the Universal update for Dynamite Jack, Phil Hassey is also offering to give away a free copy of the desktop version when you purchase the iOS version. This handy graphic on his website shows you exactly what to do (it’s really easy), and if you already owned the iOS version anyway you’re still eligable to get the freebie desktop version. Just make sure you hurry, the promotion will only last for another day or so.

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