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BeaverTap Games Submits First Game ‘Mikey Shorts’ to Apple

Early last month we took a hands-on look at BeaverTap Games‘ upcoming retro-inspired platforming game Mikey Shorts, which is actually the product of two TouchArcade forum members, and have been eagerly anticipating the final release ever since. Mikey Shorts keeps things pretty simple: running, jumping and sliding is the order of the day. There aren’t even enemies to worry about, just coins to collect and a par time to complete the level by.

That’s not actually a bad thing, either. In fact it’s what I like most about Mikey Shorts. It has solid controls and gives you the tools you need to find the optimum route through any given level. It’s just you against the level designs, and it’s incredibly fun. Today we learned thanks to the BeaverTap Games Twitter account that Mikey Shorts has been sent off to receive Apple’s blessing. We’re excited to finally see it release, and so are the folks in our forums.

Hopefully the approval process doesn’t take too long and we’ll be seeing Mikey Shorts in a couple of weeks or so.