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New Trailer for ‘Random Heroes’ Surfaces, Launching Next Week

In late June Ravenous Games, the developer responsible for bringing League of Evil 2 ($2.99) and Burger Cat ($2.99) to iOS, announced that they had a new project in the works called Random Heroes. It’s a port of a popular Flash game from Woblyware that’s a pixelized platformer similar to the League of Evil series but with longer levels and an assortment of weapons. Check it out.

Ravenous has proven that solid virtual controls can be done on the touch screen for platformers that demand precision, but some players have been vocal about wishing the trial-esque bite-sized levels found in the League of Evil games could be expanded into a more traditional platforming game. It sounds like Random Heroes will deliver just that. It launches next week on August 16th, so swing by our forums and hang out while we wait for its arrival.