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First Gameplay Trailer for ‘Shardlands’ Released

It was back in May that we told you about new developer Breach Entertainment’s first iOS title Shardlands, a 3D puzzle adventure game. While the teaser trailer released at that time showcased some impressive visuals, it didn’t really reveal what the gameplay was like. Then last week, the first gameplay trailer for Shardlands was released which finally showed what you actually were supposed to do in the game, and it looks quite interesting. Check it out.

Shardlands is still in an early state, so the above video is missing some things like most of the sound effects and music. But it’s looking great so far, with some interesting looking puzzles and of course the graphics are oh so shiny. We’ll keep an eye out for more details on Shardlands as it gets closer to release, and you can check in with the forums for discussion of the upcoming game.