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Check Out the Trailer for ‘Megatroid’, an Upcoming Randomly Generated Platformer

Swedish developer Triolith Entertainment, who brought us the pleasingly peaceful Wisp: Eira’s Tale (Free) a little more than a year ago, are readying their latest iOS release called Megatroid. It’s an action platforming game, but get this: it’s entirely procedurally generated based on text that you input yourself prior to a level. The text can be an actual word or complete gibberish, and either way the game will generate a unique level based on it.

The neat thing is that there’s still a story weaved into the game despite being randomly generated and having nearly endless levels. You play as a lone space heroine named Hali fighting an expansive evil empire called the Imperium. You get hold of a teleportation-like device that can instantly send you to any of the Imperium’s vast network of space stations by typing in any address, and you embark on a mission to bring the empire down by taking the space stations out one by one.

Gameplay in Megatroid appears very Mega Man inspired, with lots of running and gunning and some elaborate boss fights. There will also be a ton of different upgradeable weapons, armors and items you can outfit Hali with as she levels up during the game. And, since the game will generate the same level for every combination of text, it’s easy to share specific levels just by sharing a certain word and challenging your buddies to best your completion times.

If Megatroid is sounding interesting so far, you can also check out the Triolith YouTube channel for some developer videos that go in-depth with the game’s various features. Triolith is just waiting on Apple to approve a game patch before launching, so it should be hitting really soon. Until then you can hit up the discussion thread in our forums, and I heard a rumor that the developer might be giving away pre-release promo codes on their Facebook page.