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Upcoming Puzzle Adventure ‘Shardlands’ Looks Pretty

New Finnish game studio Breach Entertainment is in the final stages of their upcoming iOS title Shardlands, and have just released the first trailer. Breach is made up of just 4 individuals and was founded at the beginning of the year, but Shardlands has actually been in development for more than a year and is reaching the final crunch phase. It’s a puzzle-adventure game with a fantasy/science fiction motif, and the new trailer shows off some of the great looking environments in the game.

Also of note is that one member of Breach, Aarni Gratseff, is a long-time supporter of our TouchArcade Show podcast, and was the first to create a theme song for the now defunct Kitty Korner segment (direct all hate towards Mr. Nicholson for that, by the way). He’ll be composing all the music for Shardlands, and given the epic-ness of the Kitty Korner theme, I think all of our collective ears will be in for a treat. Stay tuned for more on Shardlands as it nears release in the coming months.