New Details Emerge for Episode 3 of ‘Saturday Morning RPG’

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Back in April, Mighty Rabbit Studios and Joystick Labs combined the powers of their decoder rings to bring us Saturday Morning RPG (Free). It was a fairly basic game modeled after classic JRPGs from the 8 and 16-bit eras, but was injected with an absolutely ridiculous amount of 80s-flavored references and nostalgic nuggets.

You can read our review of Saturday Morning RPG for the full skinny on the game, which we really enjoyed. It’s an episodic game, and so downloading the full first episode is free to do, and it’s a decently long adventure that will definitely help you decide whether or not you want to spring for Episode 2 via IAP. There’s also a premium version called Saturday Morning RPG Deluxe ($5.99) that costs more at the onset but will receive all future episodes for free.

About a month after release, the developers released a massive update that balanced and tweaked many aspects of Saturday Morning RPG, making it a better overall experience. Since then, they’ve been toiling away at the forthcoming Episode 3, and they’ve gone ahead and detailed most of it in a new post on the Mighty Rabbit blog. (Note: none of this art is finalized yet)

Episode 3 revolves around stoping the Badbots from stealing all the power generated at Shadow Valley’s amusingly named Jean Claude Van Dam (yeah, like a dam that holds back water). Most of the episode will take place in both the interior and exterior of JCV Dam, fighting enemies and solving environmental puzzles.

The other main environment in this episode is Downtown Shadow Valley, which will look pretty familiar to Back to the Future fans as Hill Valley’s main town square. This area will act as a hub world that leads to all the other environments in the game, including JCV Dam, and will be inhabited by NPCs that will most likely offer up quests for Marty to tackle in his down time.

Episode 3 will also introduce plenty of new items to collect and use in battle, new enemy types, new side quest variations, and a sweet sounding Endless Battle survival mode equipped with its own Game Center leaderboard. Even cooler is that Episode 3 will bring new content for the first episodes too, and will feature branching paths and choices that will impact future episodes.

And, well, that’s still not all. Be sure to check out the lengthy post on Might Rabbit’s website for even more details on Episode 3, or check out the thread in our forums for more information and discussion of Saturday Morning RPG. We’ll be sure to let you know just as soon as Episode 3 hits, as well as any new information regarding future episodes.

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