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First Trailer Hits for ‘Spy vs. Spy’ iOS Remake

We first heard that developer Robots & Pencils was working on an updated take on the 1984 classic Spy vs. Spy back in March, and late last month we learned that the game would have online multiplayer. Today, we get a first peek of the new Spy vs. Spy in action with the first official trailer.

It looks like the gameplay will largely stay true to the original, with the same sort of booby traps to try and trap your opponent in as well as good old-fashioned face-to-face club beating. The big change appears to be in the visuals, which have a much more modern, cartoony look. The new Spy vs. Spy will contain the original game’s 8 embassies as well as 16 brand new ones. Even cooler is that there will be a legit retro version of the original game included in the package too.

Look for this new Spy vs. Spy to hit the App Store sometime this summer.