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WWDC: ‘WarGames’ Hits the App Store Tomorrow

Looking back to our GDC coverage, we got a look at Be-Rad Entertainment’s licensed puzzler WarGames. In the preview, we get into what the WarGames movie is all about, so check that out if you aren’t privy.

WarGames the game is a clever spin on the Dungeon Raid ($0.99) formula. It’s similar enough that fans of Dungeon Raid will feel right at home, with a line-drawing matching mechanic that serves a greater goal. In this case, you’re playing as WOPR matching tiles to engage in global thermonuclear war. When we first saw it at GDC, it was a pretty rough concept. Here’s some screens from the final version submitted to Apple:

The upgrade system (seen above) is super slick as well. Instead of getting spells and equipment like in Dungeon Raid, you add “mods" to your computer-self which are purchased with available memory. It’s dripping with WarGames charm, features a gameplay mechanic I really dig, and best of all, it’s coming tomorrow for 99¢.