The TouchArcade Show – 53 – Filled to the Brim with TNT

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On this week’s episode of The TouchArcade Show, we discuss the Cerebral Assassin. We also dive back into Diablo 3 and touch on how dead the mobile industry appears to be leading up to the ridiculousness that is E3. On topic, we dig deep on games like Bee Leader, Defender Chronicles 2, and Slingshot Racing. Heck, we even discuss the ustwo controversy at length before diving into our pool of listener questions.

I think you’ll like this week’s ‘cast, as it’s a good mix of irreverent commentary and off-topic shenanigans. Listening couldn’t be simpler: just click on one of the links in this post or subscribe to us on iTunes and Zune. The latter is preferred. You’ll get our latest episodes the second they hit the World Wide Web.


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Here are your show notes:


  • Defender Chronicles 2: Heroes of Athelia [$2.99]
  • Bee Leader [99¢]
  • Slingshot Racing [99¢]
  • Virtua Tennis [$4.99]


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