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‘Meat Boy’ On iOS Will Remain Twitchy

On April Fool’s Day, Team Meat teased that its upcoming Super Meat Boy game for iPhone and iPad game will use new art, new sound, and new mechanics. In other words, it’s not going to be a port of Super Meat Boy. Speaking with The Verge today, Team Meat revealed that it wants Meat Boy iOS to be twitch-based platformer like its big brother, but plans to tone down the memorization part of that original experience for the mobile crowd.

“[The original] Meat Boy was a twitch-based game about memorizing things," said Edmund McMillen of Team Meat said. “[iOS] Meat Boy is the opposite. That’s the foundation of its design. But it’s also on a touch device, so there’s that as well. We want to make a twitch-based platformer that’s not about memorization."

With a fuller picture of what this game is now in our minds, we’re imagining that this version of will have the spirit of the original Meat Boy, minus some of the pain. It sounds almost… enjoyable. We’re scared. Should we be scared?

[via The Verge]