‘Super Crate Box’ Milestone Update Available Now

Super Crate Box‘s [$.99] five million crate update is now available as a free download for all of its crazed, crate-nabbing fans. Starting now, Vlambeer and Halfbot are giving us all the power to pick and play with our favorite characters. Also, it has added a total of five more to earn through rigorous killing and crate obtain-ation. Spoiler: one of these guys is Super Meat Boy.

Another milestone-tied unlock is being teased in the game’s patch notes. According to the notes, at 40 million crates users will receive a hero character named “her" as a prize. Oh, and speaking of exclusive, check out the game’s new virtual control functionality — it’s been tweaked and now allows for customization.

UPDATE: We caught this one pretty fast and the update notes were shuffled around after the fact. It’s 40 million, and not 20. Also, one character will be unlocked when this milestone is reached.