‘Shadowgun’ Expansion Hits

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Hey, Shadowgun [$2.99] now has more content via an update. Madfinger has added an “expansion" to the overall package that directly follows the events in the core game. Overall, this new expansion contains a total of four new levels, as well as new little visual tweaks, a new gun, new collectibles, and a new enemy type. All for free, of course.

The update this was rolled in with also includes some fresh improvements for the same price: free. According to Madfinger, Shadowgun now sports improved “effects," like, say, bullet trails and camera shakes. You can now also roll and apparently face freshly tuned enemies with freshly tuned guns courtesy of this thing, too.

We weren’t so hot on Shadowgun and this update doesn’t really change that viewpoint, but we’re pretty stoked for the pre-existing fans. This is the kind of update they wanted, and they totally got it.


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