Christmas Sale – Square Enix Edition

A lot of people don’t like Square Enix’s App Store prices mainly because they’re so much higher than the norm. Good thing about the holidays, we guess, is that all of these prices tend to fall. And they have. Again. This year. Starting now and extending until after New Years Day, you can grab just about every Square Enix title at a much lower price. For example, Final Fantasy Tactics is $11.99 instead of $15.99. Another example: Chaos Rings Omega is $5.99 rather than $11.99.

Here’s a full list of what we’ve seen. Do note that Square is also offering up a bunch of actual apps at a lower cost, too. Just hit up its publisher page on iTunes to see those:

All the Taito stuff on sale are must-have kind of games, as we’ve mentioned many times before. Forced to pick a straight-up Square game, we’d say Final Fantasy III is probably the best value on the list. It’s a great game on iPad especially, and has enough touch hooks to feel decidedly less port-y than its other stuff.