Alert! Kairosoft’s ‘Oh! Edo Towns’ Hits the US App Store

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Somebody go wake up Brad Nicholson. In mid-September, we caught wind of a new Kairosoft game released in Japan called Oh! Edo Towns. The game was quite similar to the classic SimCity in that it has you building a town from scratch and managing the various resources and responsibilities that come with city planning, as well as keeping your citizens happy, with the ultimate goal of creating a thriving metropolis. The quirk here was that your city building took place in 17th Century Japan, rather than a contemporary setting.

At that time, we donned our speculation hats and ventured that Oh! Edo Towns might be hitting the US App Store sometime in October. Well, as it turns out, October came and went with no sign of the game, but just a few hours ago Oh! Edo Towns did indeed pop up in the US App Store. Sure, we were a few days off, but that’s still some impressive guesstimating as far as I’m concerned. Miss Cleo would be proud.

Here’s a bit of video of the Japanese version of Oh! Edo Towns from our friends at AppBank:

Now, you might remember about a week and a half ago we spotted yet another Kairosoft town-creating sim, called Zaibatsu Towns, that was released in Japan. The key difference with that title compared to Oh! Edo Towns, it seemed, was that it didn’t have you building a traditional Edo period Japanese style town, and instead had you creating a city in modern times more akin to SimCity. I’m going to go ahead and start the speculation train, and I’ll put out there that we’ll be seeing a US release of Zaibatsu Towns before the end of the year. Go ahead and mark that down, dear readers, because if it turns out I’m wrong you can point and laugh in my face.

While it’s fun to guess the future and all, let’s not forget that there’s a brand new Kairosoft title available to us in the US right now. As with most of their releases, it’s a pretty good bet that it will be a strong simulation title, so might be worth just diving right in with the link below. Otherwise you can check out impressions in our forums, and you can also be sure we’ll have a review of Oh! Edo Towns in the very near future. In fact, despite it being 3am where he’s located, I’m calling Brad right now to tell him to download it.

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