‘Cut The Rope’ Gets 25 New Levels

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The original Cut The Rope [$.99 / HD / Lite / HD Lite] now boasts a new box, yet another new mechanic, iOS 5 support, and some other goodies and bug fixes in its brand new update. Tool Box, the branding of this new utilitarian themed box, has 25 additional levels and introduces rotating saw blades to avoid if you plan on making Om Nom’s day. The update also introduces a new Om Nom drawing, as well as “perfect box” stamps for jobs well done across entire boxes.

As for the technical side, Cut The Rope now boasts a “safer game progress reset” and a better selection screen — it’s now apparently easier to scroll through worlds map courtesy the game’s new scrollbar.

Cut The Rope, regardless of how long in its sweet tooth it’s getting, remains one of our most highly recommended games. You can read our review here if you’re still in dark about Om Nom and his cravings.

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