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‘Da Vinci Pinball’ Gets a Trailer, Looks Magnificent

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Last week at about this time, we learned that developer Gameprom has a brand new pinball table in the works that is set to be added into their excellent pinball compilation app Pinball HD [99¢/HD]. This new table’s theme is based around Leonardo da Vinci’s famous art and inventions, and the screenshots for it looked absolutely gorgeous. Today, Gameprom has released the first video for Da Vinci Pinball, and it looks even more stunning in motion.

As we’ve previously stated, Da Vinci Pinball is slated to release sometime next month as an update to Pinball HD for both iOS versions and the Mac version. No word on what the price will be, though based on their previous efforts I’d guess anywhere in the 99¢ to $2.99 range. Whatever the price, it’s sure to be a bargain for the type of production values Gameprom injects into their work. We’ll keep our eye out for Da Vinci Pinball to hit this coming September.

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