‘Velocispider’ Lite Is Coming, iCade Support Too

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A free version of everyone’s favorite view-locked, Space Invader-y shooter starting a raptor with spider legs, Velocispider [$.99], is getting a free version soon. Creator Retro Dreamer blogged about it earlier this afternoon, announcing that it’s currently traveling through Apple’s certification bowels. This free version will include all of the content of the paid, premium version with the exception that it’s free-to-play.

This means that it’ll feature all the same levels and the Game Center achievements functionality that was just added in an update a few days ago. It won’t, however, share Game Center leader boards with its other iteration — according to Retro, the service doesn’t allow for that kind of connectivity.

You know how we said that we’d love to get our hands on more iCade titles? Well, both of these versions will support iCade in the future. Velocispider Zero will right out of the box, while the premium version will receive its own support in an update that’s currently clearing certification. Neat!

Velocispider is an exceedingly awesome game, so definitely check out our review if you’re interested in the game, or hey, just the concept behind it. And really, who isn’t?

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